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Welcome to the Excel User Group!

MVP LogoYou've arrived at the Excel User Group web site. This is a peer-to-peer forum with Blogs, Forums and File areas. We have managed to drag in some of the past and present Microsoft MVPs to author posts and spend some time helping others as they do on many other sites across the internet, as well as some regular contributors at all levels.

The site is not just about experts answering questions and writing stuff for everyone, it's about 'community'. Everyone can post questions, everyone can answer questions and everyone (on request) can author their own blog or upload their files for others to benefit

Below you will find the aggregated view showing forum, blog and file posts, broken down over the last few days and most things can also be notified to you by email or RSS feed. (Just check it out in each area).

If you have questions about the site and it's functionality, there are forums for this too.

Have a question? Head on over to the forums, select the relevant one and ask away. If your not sure if the question has been asked before you can browse by topic or category and if all else fails...use search!

I hope you find this free resource useful, Don't forget, you'll enjoy it even more if you register and to contribute, you'll have to.

Nick Hodge

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