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  • Ribbon, Step-by-Step. Part 4 (Exploring Other Controls)

    So we've explored the file formats, created the shell for a dictator application, made some basic ribbon, tab, group and control changes and customised the Office menu. We've re-purposed some Microsoft controls to our own use and now we will be running at pace through some of the other controls available to you. I doubt we will cover all of them, but you can download a bunch of my files here , which demonstrate more of what you are learning here and also contain a 'popular' control...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Thu, Feb 14 2008
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  • Ribbon, Step-by-Step. Part 3 (The Office Menu and Re-purposing)

    In our first two parts we covered the file structure of Excel 2007 and some very simple customisations which, in the main, do not require any VBA code. in this part we are going to try and accomplish two things. Customisation of the Office Menu (under the office button) Re-purposing built-in controls to do other things. In the next one or two parts we will cover more details on the various controls, including Galleries and Contextual tabs and then how we can capture the ribbon object and change controls...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Sun, Feb 3 2008
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  • Questions on customising the ribbon

    I have, via the blog contact form received three questions from Milan, these were Can you remove the Office Button? Can you link a combobox (on the ribbon) to a cell/range? Can you link a label (on the ribbon) to a cell? The answer to No.1 was answered in the 2nd of my series on customising the ribbon. In the section under Full Dictator Application. No. 2 is yes you very much can but it is not a simple process like having a 'link' property or similar. The write-up below demonstrates how you...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Sun, Mar 2 2008
  • UK Excel User Group Conference

    A meeting of the above group will take place on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April 2009 in London . This FREE event has some fantastic speakers from the Excel community. The agenda for the two days is outlined below and you can book for either or both days by emailing bookings@excelusergroup.org . Microsoft will be providing the venue and the hospitality and we look forward to a great and informative couple of days. The agenda is below, but if you want the full version with session details and...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Fri, Dec 5 2008
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  • Open Excel how YOU want

    Start-up templates in Microsoft Excel...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Thu, Jan 3 2008
  • Ribbon, Step-by-Step. Part 1 (File Formats)

    I am going to endeavour to enthuse some more people into development of the new ribbon in Excel 2007 (well other applications too, but I will use Excel throughout). You will need a knowledge of XML and VBA, as these are the two technologies I will be using. I suspect it will take about 4 or 5 'sessions' to get up to some kind of understanding and I intend to cover the following: File Formats Dictator Applications Custom Tabs and the Office Menu Using Built-In Groups and Controls Using Custom...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Wed, Jan 30 2008
  • An awesome powertool buried in Excel

    I build complex spreadsheets, and I often have trouble fitting everything into Excel tables - I'd really like a way of simplifying things. At other times, I want to run a set of different scenarios through a spreadsheet, and I'd like to automate them to be self-updating. There is a code-free solution to both these problems which has been there all along, but I didn't see it until a few years ago. It exploits data tables, an almost forgotten feature of Excel. If you have the same problems...
    Posted to Dermot's Blog by dermot on Mon, Jan 21 2008
  • My Coding Technique

    I have recently been doing most of my coding in Visual Studio, doing some 'real' work for a change, coding using VB.net, ASP.net and ADO.net. The environment in VS2008 is much improved over the VBE in MS Office (VBA). For example, it auto-indents and, with the addition of Developer Express's Coderush product it even adds helpful lines between these indents. In large code projects it becomes a real chore to keep pressing the tab key to indent, but it is pretty essential if you are going...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Fri, Aug 15 2008
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  • Ribbon, Step-by-Step. Part 2 (Begin Customisation)

    In the last part of this series , we went through the different file formats as a precursor to starting Ribbon customisation. You should by now have downloaded the Office 2007 Custom UI Editor , as this is the tool we will be using to customise our RibbonX and generate callbacks for VBA. We'll start with a run down of the tool itself. Remember, you need to have the .Net 2.0 framework, or above loaded on your development machine. The Office 2007 Custom UI Editor Without worrying too much about...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Thu, Jan 31 2008
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  • How to build an awesome user interface for results

    The best work in the world is undervalued if presented badly. Suppose you've built a big model with lots of results to show. Imagine having a single Results sheet, with a list of charts and tables. Each time you select one, it appears like magic on the screen, replacing the one that was there before. Best of all, it needs no VBA code whatsoever! There are two ways I know of to do it. Both are demonstrated in this file ( Dynamic UI.xls ). 1. Hyperlinks A simple method is simply to create a hyperlink...
    Posted to Dermot's Blog by dermot on Tue, Jan 15 2008
  • A blog for Excel users rather than developers

    I'm interested in practical techniques and tools which can be used every day to make business users more effective, and that's what this blog will be about. The topics will not just be technical (eg the best use of worksheet functions), but will also cover things like creating a professional looking chart or user interface. Wherever possible, there will be actual examples (in Excel 2003 - business hasn't got to Excel 2007 yet) so you can get started right away. My background is that I've...
    Posted to Dermot's Blog by dermot on Fri, Jan 11 2008
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  • Importing Data with Parameters (ODBC)

    Using Parameters In External ODBC Data Queries Here we can demonstrate the linking of data in an external data source with Excel, using the values in cells to determine the data presented, using parameterised data queries. Open a workbook and on the active sheet in cells A1 enter Start Date and in B1 enter the date 01/01/2003. In A2 enter End Date and in B2 enter the date 02/02/2003. Take the menu options Data>Import External Data>New Database Query... You will fire from here a dialog asking...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Thu, Jan 24 2008
  • Posting Code to excelusergroup.org

    I have been testing several solutions for posting formatted code to these forums and blogs. There are a few that I can build-in, but I am nervous messing with the code base as we are just getting going. The code below is formatted using Windows Live Writer, a free blogging tool from here . I have added to that an add-in, (there are dozens of them) to insert code snippets . (There are lots of these too). You can just add this as a plug-in very simply and it appears as a link in the right sidebar of...
    Posted to EUG Admin's Blog by Admin on Tue, Jan 22 2008
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  • Playing with OpenAsTextStream

    We produce individual text files for new items to go into our catalogue. These are sent to the creative people for laying out on the page. One file contains the Item#, Description, Text and Bullets for one item and is named with that item's number. Of course, for page layout it is good for them to copy and paste the text this way. It looks as below: 12345E 2500PSI 15LPM Petrol-Powered Pressure Washer This pressure washer, powered by a Honda GX160 engine, will blast away even the most stubborn...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Thu, Mar 13 2008
  • Good publicity

    Via an MVP Lead at MS, we have got some very decent publicity, both here and in next month's edition of the Office Newsletter Good news and likely to increase traffic quite a bit
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Wed, Jan 23 2008
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