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  • Office 2010 Beta Hits a Milestone!

    You may have already heard, but we have some exciting news from the Office team -- earlier this week we reached the 1 millionth download of Office 2010! This means that more than 1 million people across the world are now experiencing and testing the next version of Office. You’ll recall we launched the public beta just two weeks ago at the Professional Developer’s Conference and in reaching the 1 millionth download milestone, Office 2010 has had more people download it in the first two weeks than...
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  • VSTO Online Support for Developers

    Microsoft has recently revamped the VSTO online learning center which looks very good to me. The site provides information and knowledge about VSTO and how to use it to develop Excel, Word and Outlook solutions and also how to deploy the solutions. From my point of view it’s welcoming as I know that many developers [...] Read More...
    Posted to XL-Dennis's Blog by VSTO & .NET & Excel on Thu, Dec 3 2009
  • Minimizing the Ribbon: Exposed

    It’s Jon again from the Office User Experience team. I started at Microsoft a little over 2 years ago and one of the things that inevitably happened is that I instantly became the IT guy for everyone I know. The nice part about this is that every now and then I get to show off something that’s really cool to impress everyone in the room. When I get asked about Office 2007, an interesting trick I like to mention is the ability to minimize the Ribbon by double clicking on the active tab, pressing Ctrl...
  • Short DOS Path

    Remember DOS? Back in the day, we had to limit our file names to eight characters plus a three digit extension (8.3) and we liked it. Today I needed to add Google Chrome to my startup batch file. Normally I can convert long Windows paths to short DOS paths in my head, [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Thu, Dec 3 2009
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  • Benford’s Law

    J-Walk posted about Benford’s law and I thought I’d test it out. I found an Excel file with a lot of numbers, namely a price list. In a new workbook, I put the following code: Sub MakeNumbers()         Dim wb As Workbook     Dim ws As Worksheet     Dim rCell As Range   [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Wed, Dec 2 2009
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  • ExcelUser Sale

    ExcelUser.com is having a Half Off Sale through this Friday. From now through midnight Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8), December 4, I’m offering a 50% discount on four of my most-useful dashboard products, and six free bonuses… For those of you not running an ad blocker, you probably noticed that ExcelUser.com runs an ad at [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Wed, Dec 2 2009
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  • How to Get Office for Free

    How do you get Microsoft Office for free for Macs and PCs? is written by fellow MVP Jim Gordon. He’s a Mac guy, but I still like him. Strategy #5 Ask for Microsoft Office for your birthday or a holiday, such as Christmas. Hey, you never know! Good stuff. Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Tue, Dec 1 2009
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  • Introducing the JavaScript Object Model for Excel Services in SharePoint 2010

    Thanks to Christian Stich , a consultant working on Excel Services projects, for putting together this series on the Excel Services JavaScript Object Model. Excel Services 2010 has added two entirely new programming APIs: The REST API which I covered in an earlier series of posts and the JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) which I will discuss in this post. The JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) enables a whole new set of solutions using Excel Services. With the JSOM it is possible to detect and react to...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Tue, Dec 1 2009
  • Getting Started in VBA

    My off-the-cuff recruit a new VBA programmer week comment got a modest amount of traction around the ‘tubes. Yet, I didn’t want to wait a whole year to provide these links. From msdn’s Getting Started with VBA… series. Are you facing a repetitive clean up of fifty tables in Word 2010? Do you want [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Mon, Nov 30 2009
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  • More About Background Removal in Office 2010

    Hi, I’m Tucker Hatfield, a PM on the Office Graphics team, and a while back I posted an introduction to Background Removal ( The Magic of Background Removal ). In this post I’ll build on what I showed you last time by giving an example of how to make more detailed background removal and how to do some interesting things with the results. As I showed before, in many cases you’ll find you can effectively remove a background with nothing more than a very little adjustment of the marquee, but other times...
    Posted to Office 2010 Team Blog by Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering on Mon, Nov 30 2009
  • Methods in Excel Podcast

    Go check out the first Methods in Excel Podcast hosted by Ross McLean. The first guest is Simon Murphy of Codematic. I’m slotted for a future show, so I’m looking forward to that. Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Tue, Nov 24 2009
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  • Create conditional drop-down lists

    Today’s author is Reinout Dorreboom from the Netherlands, a Technical Consultant at Getronics, where he has worked with Office applications for many years, and where his Microsoft Certified Training skills enabled him to help other people get up to speed with Excel. In Excel 2007 (and earlier), it’s possible to create a drop-down list. By using the INDIRECT function, you can then create additional drop-down lists that are conditional to the first drop-down list. In this example we’ll create the following...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Tue, Nov 24 2009
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  • Uncovering Publish to Excel Services in Excel 2010

    Thanks to Amy Lin for putting together this post. In Excel 2007, we introduced the ability to publish workbooks to SharePoint. This feature enabled users to upload Excel workbooks (or specific workbook items) on to their SharePoint sites for people to view and interact with using Excel Services. In Excel 2010, this feature has all the same functionality but the entry point has changed. For the Technical Preview/Beta users, the entry point will look different since these changes will be reflected...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Tue, Nov 24 2009
  • Collaboration Without Compromise

    Lots of the talk around Office documents these days seems to be about “Collaboration”. “Team work”. “Sharing”. And yet, you don’t get an A on your term paper because four people were on your team. And you don’t get promoted because your business plan involved 30 different reviewers. No doubt, it almost always takes a group of people to get the job done these days, but the job is still about the output. Unfortunately these days we have to choose between simple collaboration and rich, polished output...
  • Changing names of some files in a directory

    This started off by helping myself to Dick’s code in ‘Removing Spaces from File Names’ (http://www.dailydoseofexcel.com/archives/2009/11/12/removing-spaces-from-file-names/) but quickly evolved to meet my own needs. First, was the requirement to replace a certain text string by another. I added 3 parameters to the subroutine (Dirname, ReplaceWhat, and ReplaceBy). Also evident was that some files had [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Sat, Nov 21 2009
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