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  • Target a screen resolution

    I run on a wide screen 22" monitor (1680 x 1050). More than once I've delivered a prototype to the customer, and they've needed to scroll to find all the buttons, because their monitor was smaller than mine. Here is a procedure for resizing the Excel Application to a specified dimension (measured in pixels). Now I can [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Thu, Nov 5 2009
  • Simple Access to Spreadsheet Data Using the Excel Services 2010 REST API

    Thanks to Christian Stich for putting together this series on the REST API. Beginning our journey on all things Excel Services 2010, I thought I’d start off with a feature that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately since its introduction at the SharePoint Conference. What is it? The Excel Services 2010 REST API is a new programmability framework that allows for easy discovery of and access to data and objects within a spreadsheet. “Programmability” is almost a bit of a misnomer because in its simplest...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Thu, Nov 5 2009
  • Three Letter Words

    I was thinking about passwords recently. How I got from thinking about passwords to this post is a long and boring story, so I'll spare you the mental chain. The end of that chain was this thought: I can take the letters F and R and put a vowel in between them [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Wed, Nov 4 2009
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  • Excel Services 2010 Overview

    Thanks to Steve Tullis for putting together this post. Before delving into Excel Services 2010, I want to recap a point that some readers may not be aware of. The Excel team is delivering two browser-based solutions as part of the Office 2010 wave of products. The quick synopsis - here are the two solutions: Excel Services: Version two of our real-time, interactive, Excel-based reporting and dashboard capabilities which ship as part of SharePoint Server 2010. Also included are APIs which enable rich...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Tue, Nov 3 2009
  • Data Driven Engineering: Tracking Usage to Make Decisions

    Hello, my name is Peter and I work in the Office Trustworthy Computing (TWC) team. One of my team’s areas of focus is collecting data on how various applications are being used so we can make informed decisions. You’ve probably seen, and based on the comments received to date, have used our Send-a-Smile feedback tool . In addition to that type of qualitative feedback, the last 3 versions of Office have included telemetry through the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) to help us understand...
  • You Need To Buy This…

    All John Walkenbach is having a blow-out sale on his Power Utility Pak for Excel with 80% off! To be sure of getting your copy you need to head over here between the hours of 4pm and 6pm (GMT) to qualify.
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Tue, Nov 3 2009
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  • Everything Must Go

    It seems that J-Walk and Associates has too much inventory. And the corporate office is telling them they have to sell it today. Their mistake can be your good fortune. They’re having a Giant Once-In-A-Lifetime Software Blowout Extravaganza on 3-Nov-2009 and it only lasts for two hours. From 4:00pm to 6:00pm [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Tue, Nov 3 2009
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  • UI Extensibility in Office 2010

    When introducing the Ribbon UI in Office 2007, we also introduced the RibbonX (Ribbon extensibility) model, a new way to programmatically customize the Office UI. RibbonX enables 3 rd party developers and solution providers to build on top of the Ribbon by authoring custom tabs and groups, targeting scenarios unique to and optimized for their customers. Office 2010 extends the span of the UI extensibility platform by providing support for customization of the new Backstage view. It also adds several...
  • Excel Add-In for Manipulating Points on Charts (MPOC)

    Overview In Excel 2007, the ability to directly resize or reposition points on the chart was deprecated. This feature was sometimes referred to as "Graphical Goal Seek." For example, in Excel 2003 a user could click on a data point in a column chart twice which would surface handles that could be used to resize the columns. Over the last couple of years we have received a lot of feedback from customers indicating that this was a valuable feature for some scenarios. However, we were not...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Mon, Nov 2 2009
  • Starting multiple programs in MS Windows

    While not Excel specific, I thought this would be useful to others. There are instances when I want to run a set of programs. One example is shortly after I log on to my computer when would like to start up MS Outlook, Firefox, IE 64bit, and Forte Agent. I wrote a VBS script, run through [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Sun, Nov 1 2009
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  • Dynamic Ranges in Charts

    You may remember the Bang-Bang Servo diet (that I mistakenly called the Big Bang Servo diet). Well, it’s a hit. I was setting up a spreadsheet for someone this week and I noticed that I didn’t make the chart ranges dynamic. That is, it always charts 90 days because that’s how I [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Thu, Oct 29 2009
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  • PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010 – The Business User’s Perspective

    This article continues the series on PowerPivot that started with an overview as well as an introduction to PowerPivot for Excel 2010. We’ll now focus on the support PowerPivot provides for collaboration. Frequently, business users need to share applications they create on their desktops with a workgroup. As it turns out, SharePoint provides a great platform that is critical for realizing the overarching goal of extending business intelligence technology to an organization: Great feature set for...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel on Thu, Oct 29 2009
  • UX Research Tools and Techniques

    Hi, let us introduce ourselves. I’m Tim Weber (UX Researcher) and I’m Tricia Fejfar (UX Research Manager) in the Office Design Group (ODG). As Shawn indicated in his “ Designing with Customers in Mind ” post, ODG includes UX Researchers who work to understand user needs and to integrate user feedback into our software design process.  We want to tell you a little bit about some of our research for Office 2010 and how it’s made the overall experience better for users like you. Tell me again,...
    Posted to Office 2010 Team Blog by Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering on Wed, Oct 28 2009
  • Borders on Single Columns or Single Rows

    I found a bug this morning (my bug, not Microsoft's). I have a macro that creates the illusion of gridlines for when I fill the interior of a range. It does so by adding gray borders everywhere. Before After> The old macro looked like this Private Sub cmdGridlines_Click()       With Selection         Selection.BorderAround xlContinuous, xlThin, [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Wed, Oct 28 2009
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  • Spam Users

    All It will not affect currently registered users but due to the level of spam registrants on the site now I am trying an email system which will email a password and username after registration to get on the site. If this fails I will have to take the unfortunate step of moderating all registrants prior to their involvement, which is a shame. I am also investigating Captchas as a way of stopping this robotic spamming, such a shame but the noise on the site of all these 'users' joining is...
    Posted to EUG Admin's Blog by Admin on Wed, Oct 28 2009
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