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  • Data Excecution Prevention in Office 2010

    Hello, my name is Vikas Malhotra, and I am a security Program Manager in the Office Trustworthy Computer Team (TWC). In this post I will be covering some security changes we made around Data Execution Prevention or DEP for short. DEP is one of the many new defense in depth protection layers we have added in Office 2010. I will begin by telling you what DEP is all about and how it can affect you both as an IT professional and as a developer. What is DEP? DEP is a security feature that was introduced...
  • ISO Year

    Ron de Bruin has an ISO Date page for computing ISO Week numbers, start dates, and end dates. I needed to compute the ISO year, which should just be the YEAR() function wrapped around the end date formula. But I was getting strange results for the first three days of January this year, [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Thu, Feb 4 2010
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  • Management Features of PowerPivot for SharePoint

    Thanks to John Hancock from the PowerPivot team for putting together this post. Previous articles have covered some of the features of PowerPivot for Excel, and shown how PowerPivot helps users build really powerful BI applications right in Excel. We have described some of the PowerPivot for SharePoint features on this blog as well as the PowerPivot blog , so for this article I will be focusing on the features that we provide to help IT to manage and understand the self-service BI activity. Self...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel 2010 on Mon, Feb 1 2010
  • Office 2010 Improvements for Cropping Pictures

    Hi, again, I’m Tucker Hatfield, a Program Manager on the Office Graphics team with another post on improvements for using pictures in documents in Office 2010. This time we’re looking at the improvements to cropping pictures in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. When planning our new features for this version of Office, we did a lot of research to find out more about the common tasks people do with pictures in Office. Cropping was overwhelmingly the most-used bit of editing used on pictures, so...
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  • Perfect Training

    Have you even attended a really good training session? What about it made it good? I’d like to develop some training sessions. I get a lot out of preparing and presenting (and I hope the attendees get something too). Rather than developing training that looks like every other session I’ve attended, I thought it [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Fri, Jan 29 2010
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  • Check out the InfoPath "5 for forms" Video Demo Series

    The InfoPath team has a great series of posts on the InfoPath team blog . If you would like to meet the people behind the product and learn about new InfoPath 2010 features, then check out our "5 for forms" video demo series. Each week a member of the product team demos a cool, new InfoPath 2010 feature or scenario in less than 5 minutes. In this series, discover how easy it is to build powerful applications on SharePoint , using InfoPath and InfoPath Forms Services 2010 - no code required...
    Posted to Office 2010 Team Blog by Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering on Fri, Jan 29 2010
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  • MZ Tools Non-Modal Dialogs

    I’ve recently rebuilt my computer, which means I get to figure out all those little settings that I’m accustomed to. Since re-installing MZ Tools, the accelerator keys don’t work on any of the dialog boxes. Take the Add Procedure dialog, for instance With this open, I click Alt+A and instead of actuating the Add [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Thu, Jan 28 2010
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  • Declaring API functions in 64 bit Office

    Hi everyone, The release date of Office 2010 is closing in and with this new version we’ll have a new programming challenge. Office 2010 comes in a 32 bit and a 64 bit version. Especially API function declarations need to be adjusted for the 64 bit environment. We’ll have to change a declaration like this one:     Private [...] Read More...
  • Business Intelligence Features in Excel 2010

    The Excel team has made a number of improvements in the Business Intelligence area for Excel 2010, which have been covered in-depth on the Excel Team Blog . First, the team added slicers , which are visual controls that allow you to quickly and easily filter your data in an interactive way. Slicers can connect to PivotTables, PivotCharts, and CUBE functions to creative interactive dashboards: " border="0" alt="clip_image001 " src="http://blogs.technet.com/blogfiles/office2010/WindowsLiveWriter/BusinessIntelligenceFeaturesinExcel2010_6F3C...
    Posted to Office 2010 Team Blog by Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering on Thu, Jan 28 2010
  • Programmability Improvements in Excel 2010

    Thanks to Danny Khen for putting together this post. What’s new? Excel has been a platform for developing business solutions for a long time now. Developers write code to customize and extend Excel in many ways – automating Excel operations, user interface customizations, data entry forms and extending Excel formulas with user defined functions, to name some key ones. Many developers create very complex applications, which have demanding requirements and push Excel to its limits, so developers are...
  • VBA Page of Pages in a Cell

    In Page of Pages in a Cell, Jan Karel uses defined names and Excel 4 Macro commands to return the current page and total pages in a workbook. The problem is that it doesn’t work properly when the cell is repeated (e.g. File - Page Setup - Sheet - Rows to Repeat at Top). [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Tue, Jan 26 2010
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  • Office 2010 Technology in Action at the Winter Games in Vancouver

    Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted many of the new features that will be available in Office 2010 – and many of you have downloaded the beta to try them out for yourself. In fact, as we reported at CES , more than 2.5 million of you have downloaded the beta already. Now two other will join the beta ranks. Microsoft, along with many of you has caught the Vancouver 2010 fever and we figured what better place to try out some of the new features of Office 2010. Two bloggers, Amber Johnson Borowski...
    Posted to Office 2010 Team Blog by Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering on Tue, Jan 26 2010
  • Table Improvements in Excel 2010

    Thanks to Ben Rampson for putting together this post. In today’s article I will outline three features in Office 2010 that improve table interaction in Excel. These feature additions build on the work started Excel 2007, addressing areas with significant customer feedback and further improving the feature area. The first table improvement feature, AutoFilters in sheet headers, builds on work completed in the previous version of Excel. In Office 2007, when the table header of a selected table is scrolled...
    Posted to The Excel Team Blog by Microsoft Excel 2010 on Tue, Jan 26 2010
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  • Accessing Office Documents Using Your Phone

    A few weeks back we introduced Mobility in Office 2010 where we talked about Microsoft® Office Mobile 2010 (for Windows® phones) and Office 2010 Mobile viewers (for non-Windows phones). That post very briefly touched upon how documents can be accessed while on-the-go using either SharePoint® Workspace Mobile 2010 or Office 2010 Mobile viewers. In this post we will talk in more details how you can access your documents on-the-go. Imagine you are at a café waiting for the next customer meeting – now...
    Posted to Office 2010 Team Blog by Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering on Mon, Jan 25 2010
  • Cash Advances on Credit Cards

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to learn how cash advances on credit cards work. The particular card I saw was from Capital One, but I think they all work the same. There are three important things to know about cash advances: The interest rate is huge - usually in the mid-20% neighborhood Interest starts on [...] Read More...
    Posted to Daily Dose of Excel by Daily Dose of Excel on Mon, Jan 25 2010
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