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  • UK Excel Developers Conference

    All Wanted to pass along details of a great event happening for Excel Developers in London on July 12th 2010. With confirmed presenters of Simon Murphy and Charles Williams and focussing on high-end developers in Excel including VSTO, Excel 2010 and VS2010, it will be well worth the £150 fee for the day. Detail Here
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Tue, Jun 15 2010
  • World Cup Fantasy Football Model

    Written for Excel 2007 and 2010, I have uploaded a model which allows you to run a fantasy football league for friends, colleagues, etc. You just add their names, enter the scores and the rest is done. automatically updates and sorts league tables and all formulas and code is open for all to see Have fun (I dare say this could be adapted for future tournaments?)
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Admin on Thu, Jun 10 2010
  • You Need To Buy This…

    All John Walkenbach is having a blow-out sale on his Power Utility Pak for Excel with 80% off! To be sure of getting your copy you need to head over here between the hours of 4pm and 6pm (GMT) to qualify.
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Tue, Nov 3 2009
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  • Excel User Conference next week

    As some of you will know, the boys (Bob, Charles, Simon, Andy, Roger and myself) are presenting another FREE series of courses at Microsoft’s Office in Cardinal Place, London for 2 days on October 7th/8th. This is a repeat of the hugely oversubscribed event in April where we had over 120 reserves who places couldn’t be found for. So far we have around 100 attending so places left for around another 20 on either or both days. If you fancy coming along to this great FREE event (except accommodation...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Fri, Oct 2 2009
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  • Useless Fact Of The Day

    Excel uses a date system based on it's official start date of 01/01/1900. Days are whole numbers and decimals are time values, so, for example if you type 01/01/1900 12:00 into Excel and then go to Format it as 'General' you will see behind the date and time sits a value, which should be 1.5 (Day 1 and half a day in time). Why all this nauseam? Well, today is 40,000. Having struggled with Excel through the 30,000's today feels like the first day of the rest of my life ;-) Caveat:...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Mon, Jul 6 2009
  • Office 2007 SP2 Released

    Office SP2 has been released officially here . The list of changes against Excel seems fairly small but having been running the beta for some time it does seem quite a bit better, additionally there are improvements across the suite, probably most noticeably the speed in Outlook. Additionally support has been added for the Open Document Format (ODF) which is 'compatible' with stuff like Google Documents, although there are some areas where that just doesn't work, but expect that to get...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Wed, Apr 29 2009
  • Excel User Conference Piccies

    Bob Phillips kindly took a few pictures of the recent conference which by his own admission he should have taken more of. It shows all the presenters, except, of course Bob and gives you a flavour that there where plenty of delegates and lots of 'action'. What was Simon Murphy doing? Although he is an 'all action' speaker. Thanks for taking those Bob and I agree, more next time. For those delegates wondering, the links to the slide decks and the files should be uploaded by tomorrow...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Sat, Apr 4 2009
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  • Excel User Conference 2009

    Tomorrow sees the start of the two day event at Microsoft's cardinal Place site in London. We have some great speakers and topics lined up and the event has been oversubscribed since about a week after it was announced. That I think is a measure of what a great event it should be. Watch this space for updates afterwards and hopefully we will also get some files too.
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Tue, Mar 31 2009
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  • Today's Large Data Set

    Now, since Excel 2007 was announced to be having over 1 million rows, I made the statement, "Be careful what you wish for". Excel is not a database, there are programs far more suited to that task such as Access, SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, etc. Excel is a great reporting tool for those databases and can do fast and quite complex calculations much better than a database can. What I am conceding more and more now though, is that as my familiarity with Excel is far greater than with SQL Server...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Tue, Feb 24 2009
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  • Excel User Conference (an update)

    The guys who are organising this event. (Bob Phillips, Roger Govier, Andy Pope, Charles Williams, Simon Murphy and I), have been overwhelmed by the response for the forthcoming event in London on April 1st and 2nd. We have been 'technically full' almost from the start with floods of delegates and are operating a reserve list. (We have even had to turn down adverts on the likes of Office Online, etc). As it is a free event however, people do not have huge amounts of 'skin' in the day...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Mon, Jan 26 2009
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  • My First 15 Minutes?

    Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes... dunno who said that but as many of you know I live a double life as downright nice, jolly chap on one hand and geek on the other! Some time ago I wrote a blog about getting External Data into the new 2007 version of Excel. Well, it grew a little into a full-blown article and it has just been published on the main Office Online web site at Microsoft.com. The article is here ...end of 15 minutes and back to obscurity!
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Wed, Dec 10 2008
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  • UK Excel User Group Conference

    A meeting of the above group will take place on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April 2009 in London . This FREE event has some fantastic speakers from the Excel community. The agenda for the two days is outlined below and you can book for either or both days by emailing bookings@excelusergroup.org . Microsoft will be providing the venue and the hospitality and we look forward to a great and informative couple of days. The agenda is below, but if you want the full version with session details and...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Fri, Dec 5 2008
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  • Excel 2007 - Getting External Data

    On of the most visited parts of my web site is the part on external data. Most of it was based on Excel 2003 and before, so I thought I should update it for Excel 2007. INTRODUCTION The first thing you will notice about 2007 is the ease in which you can find the data 'movement' tools. Now, say what you think about the ribbon in Excel 2007, but finding where to import and export data is not one of them! It's on the Data tab. (as below) I have only shown you the section above. The tab extends...
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Tue, Nov 4 2008
  • Excel List of Lists

    John Walkenbach on his new Spreadsheet Page has posted what he believes is a comprehensive list of Excel Blogs with RSS feeds. You can find it here Thankfully I made the list, but can you point us toward any that are missing? It's a nice job where you can select the blog in the left side bar and see the latest posts and comments all in one place. There are certainly several others on here he has missed but not to many that are active :-(
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Mon, Sep 8 2008
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  • Deploying VSTO Add-In To Multiple Users On Windows XP

    Matthew from Australia kindly dropped by to outline a solution to a tricky situation with VSTO deployment to multiple users on Windows XP. I don't profess to know the issue, but it seems like it should get a wider audience, hence the post. Here is the link to Matthew's solution.
    Posted to Nick Hodge's Excel Blog by Nick Hodge on Fri, Aug 22 2008
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