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Distinct Count in pivot table

Latest post Sat, Jun 28 2008 4:54 AM by Nick Hodge. 1 replies.
  • Fri, Jun 27 2008 4:07 PM

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    Distinct Count in pivot table


    I am new to Pivot Tables. I need to export a BO report into excel and it should have pivot cabability. The data that I have in the report is

    Org Second & Org Third are on the page level. Act_code, Prg_code are on the row level. Hours_charged is on the data level. I need to also show a distinct count of employees for each Org second and if you expand it and select the Org third then it should reflect the changes. I am getting the correct value for the hours_charged, but I am not getting it for Count of employees. I need a distinct count group by Org second. Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Sat, Jun 28 2008 4:54 AM In reply to

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    Re: Distinct Count in pivot table


    COUNT(DISTINCT(...)) is not currently possible in a pivottable field you will need to do that in the database. If your data is pivotted from a flat table already in Excel though, there is some instruction on setting up this column on Debra Dalgleish's site


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