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  • newbie on Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I'm new to excel 2011 (mac) and conditional formatting. I would like to color format the cell containing the lowest value in a given column and only color it if no other cells in that column have the same value. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! RD
    Posted to General (Forum) by rogerdodger on Mon, Mar 19 2012
  • Values for #REF!

    I inherited an EXCEL sheet that has the following formula as a rule for the conditional formatting of a group of cells: =NOT(#REF!=3). I have tried to find what values #ref! can take on but have not been at all successful, Can anyone say what values #REF! can have and what they mean, of just what the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by AlexScianna on Tue, Feb 14 2012
  • Help with the basics using excel 2003

    Hello and thank you for reading this, my first ever forum post. I have been driven to seek help for an issue i know you will able to help me with. Scenario: I have produced a spreadsheet to record student scores for a number of tests. each test has three cells to it 1: the score (entered by the instructor...
    Posted to General (Forum) by shaynetibbles on Sat, Jan 15 2011
  • Extract the "price" for 400 "codes" (or item numbers) from a worksheet containing up to 15,000 "codes,prices"

    OS: Windows XP; MS Excel 2007 I need to update the "price" for a corresponding "Code". The updated Price is in a spreadsheet among as many as 15,000 "Codes" in a column and the corresponding "Price" is in another column in the same row. I need about 400 items updated...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jaydawg on Thu, Jun 11 2009
  • Re: Trying to link cell contents to another cell

    bman1965 Simply, you can't bring through formats with a function. It can be done with code but it's complexity will depend on the number of different formats you are wanting to handle. What it appears you want to do though is use Conditional Formatting (C/F) throughout the workbook and whatever...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Nick Hodge on Wed, Jun 18 2008
  • I want to create a standard deviation bell graph

    Can please someone send me the workings in a excel sheet which shows how to create a bell shaped graph. I have 500 data points and i'm struggling to show standard deviation in the form of a bell graph. You help will be appriciated. My email address is : vanse@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
    Posted to General (Forum) by vanse@hotmail.co.uk on Sun, Mar 30 2008
  • Re: Changing cell background color automatically

    Brad Sure there is, check out conditional formatting in help (It's under the Format menu)
    Posted to General (Forum) by Nick Hodge on Tue, Mar 11 2008
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