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  • macro for defining range

    I have a large amount of data in a spreadsheet. I am tracking various data by part number. This workbook is sorted by Part number (column "A"). I am wanting to write a macro to find the largest number (in Column "G") for each group of duplicate part numbers. Once this number is found...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ajb999 on Thu, Sep 16 2010
  • How to stop users moving a cell by accident

    Hi All I have a protected worksheet where all but a dozen cells are locked. The unlocked cells are in A1:A12. Occasionally, instead of entering data into A1:A12, the user will drag one of those cells onto another one unintentionally. Often they have no idea that they have moved a cell. Formulas in columns...
    Posted to General (Forum) by keghead on Sun, Nov 15 2009
  • Combining Two Sets of Data

    Hi, I have put this in the general section as I don't know if I need VBA or if I can do this with a look up. Basically I have two sets of data; Set 1 eg. Promo Code Detail Creative Offer Expense Date Live XF2 PPC Promotion Jan 09 N/A 10% Off $2000 1/1/09 GGH Geographic Magazine Jun 09 Red 15% Off...
    Posted to General (Forum) by rebsbails on Wed, Oct 7 2009
  • I want to create a standard deviation bell graph

    Can please someone send me the workings in a excel sheet which shows how to create a bell shaped graph. I have 500 data points and i'm struggling to show standard deviation in the form of a bell graph. You help will be appriciated. My email address is : vanse@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
    Posted to General (Forum) by vanse@hotmail.co.uk on Sun, Mar 30 2008
  • Re: How to Add Double Quotes To Fields

    Hi, The array2string macro below should do the job for you. I wrote it a long time ago when I was learning about Excel arrays and have used it constantly since then. By chance, its latest use was to to do exactly what you want. Assuming that your values are in A3:C3, the formula would be ... {=PERSONAL...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Anonymous on Thu, Feb 28 2008
  • Re: Macro - Column to Row

    Jim I doubt this is the full extent of your issue, but using you example... Sub TransposeRng() Range( "A1:E1" ).Value = Range( "A1:A5" ).Value Range( "A2:A5" ).Clear End Sub Post back when you want this done for many columns
    Posted to General (Forum) by Nick Hodge on Fri, Feb 22 2008
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