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  • Add Missing Dates

    Hi all, I have different csv files which contain Dates and time steps in the first column in the following format: 27.02.2007 22:00 27.02.2007 23:00 28.02.2007 00:00 28.02.2007 01:00 28.02.2007 03:00 28.02.2007 05:00 As you can see the 04:00 hour as well as 02:00 hours are missing from the file. I will...
    Posted to General (Forum) by c123 on Mon, Feb 11 2013
  • Where to install a DLL for Excel version xxxx

    What is the best place to install a DLL if Excel has to find it without any action of the user at all? My Excel 2007 seems to use: - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 That suggests other versions use other folders, but how do I (the installer app) know which? Or can I just be 'stupid'...
    Posted to General (Forum) by vbava on Thu, Sep 6 2012
  • How to seperate data from one excel file with multiple information

    Dear Friends, Good morning and Wishing you all a happy new year 2012. I have a query and i'm not sure with some simple method if there is a way out for my query. I have a data file in which i have the payout data for the month for all the service partners. Now is there a way out for me to seperate...
    Posted to General (Forum) by mathews.yohannan on Sun, Jan 1 2012
  • Excel 2003 Excel2007 migration issue with picture.insert

    I use Excel 2003, but some of my workbooks are used by colleagues using Excel2007. One of my workbooks populates cells with photos. I start with a suitably sized grid, select a cell, insert the picture and resize it and adjust its position. The code that does this is as follows: Sub InsertPic(row, col...
    Posted to General (Forum) by PeterG on Thu, Nov 19 2009
  • Identifying Closed Spreadsheets with Cell References to an Opened Spreadsheet

    On a particular job we are working on, many users use the same spreadsheets and there are many cell inter-links from one spreadsheet to another. What happens often is that one person will have one of these spreadsheets open and the other spreadsheets linked to the subject spreadsheet closed and decide...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ronberry on Tue, Jan 13 2009
  • Re: How to Add Double Quotes To Fields

    [quote user="Nick Hodge"] Sub AddQuote() Dim myCell As Range For Each myCell In Selection If myCell.Value <> "" Then myCell.Value = Chr(34) & myCell.Value End If Next myCell End Sub[/quote] Hi! I appreciate very much for posting the code above. It does insert double-quotes...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Ed on Wed, Jan 7 2009
  • Re: Excel macro help

    I fear this is a 'project' and not really help. (You may have to pay someone for this) We may be able to take it in bite-sized chunks, but it looks like you have no idea how you will complete it if we gave you a start. If this is not the case, I apologise and here is a start To copy a worksheet...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Nick Hodge on Wed, Nov 19 2008
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